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Thinking of #Waukesha today. May our community find healing and peace.

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2 weeks ago
Thinking of #Waukesha today. May our community find healing and peace. #ForWaukesha

The New Blue Angels HC-130 "Fat Albert" will perform in Milwaukee on July 23-24, 2022! ... See MoreSee Less

5 months ago
The New Blue Angels HC-130 Fat Albert will perform in Milwaukee on July 23-24, 2022!

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What’s wrong with 2021? If you guys could come to Oshkosh also, that would be awesome.

My cousin s husband will be up there giving helicopter rides. Just retired from doctorhood.

There are all sorts of reasons that an airshow can be cancelled. With any of the Major Jet teams, there is a huge list of requirements to be considered before a location is put on the schedule. I've seen major jet teams cancel on the starting day for safety reasons alone. All sorts of things can contribute to a cancellation of a show. For example, if the Blues or the Thunderbirds cancel for any reason, some, (if not all), of the sponsors and vendors will withdraw as well. Sometimes the locals that don't like any airshow can stop a performance through legal means. The Milwaukee site is different from many of the venues for a major jet team, in that it requires cooperation from many different groups, since it can impact many businesses and locals who are not interested in the airshow. I was involved in the early years of this show, so I know what I'm talking about. My hat is off to those that have continued to try to bring this show to Milwaukee despite some of the resistance they have had to deal with. Many people/groups have to be satisfied before such an event can occur. I would say that organizing Summerfest or State Fair is easy in comparison. Sometimes, the stars just don't align and the show is called off. Since this waterfront show does not have much in the way of ground displays, if the major jet team can't/won't come, that's the end of it. The Blues and Thunderbirds don't do a full show at EAA either. The aerobatic "Box" for the jet teams is too big for the Oshkosh airport. Since EAA AirVenture gets hundreds of thousands of patrons anyways, they don't need to pay locals to abandon their homes during a jet team full show. And so the Thunderbirds or Blues will do a few flybys or sit on the ground on weekdays between other performances. So having a jet team site/venue application rejected is common, having a site cancelled after being on the schedule is rare and it is mostly for safety or monetary reasons.

Paul I'm sure had your reasons but I like many don't understand why canceled this year.

Thought this was cancelled!???

Really not this year.😕

oh 2022. 💔. had me for a minute there

another year wait

Teegan Robers

I will believe it when i see sitting here

That's because liberals are anti military we can have 65000 people crowded for basketball games we can have summer fest we can have a state fair but we cant have a show for the best military in the world. Thankyou to every military person who keeps our country safe

Fredo Alvarado Torres

It's total bullshit not having it AGAIN this year but the EAA is doing there show look at the lost revenue Milwaukee !!!

Would have been nice if someone had posted that this was canceled. We drove all the way to Milwaukee for this because it shows as happening. Then we get here and are told by a local business that the owner of the air show talked to them and told them it was canceled.


Brad Herron , Milwaukee visit? Haha

Nick Kleman

But thousands lined up for a parade today for the Bucks........

I will volunteer Paul Rogers. Just give me a heads up

Andy Brierly angels coming back around next year

Nichole Watts ! Next year 🤞

Holly Cline

John Loffredo

Robert Gallagher

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6 months ago

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Is so many other cities are having their air shows.......

Wtf. Jason Strazishar.

Can't find people to work this either huh?


Serge Surge Sereozha

How can it be postponed wouldnt it be cancelled unless they are having 2 air shows? If they have it every year that means it's already going to be here next year


Of Course Its Fuckin Milwaukee

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6 months ago

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6 months ago

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6 months ago

MILWAUKEE, Wis. June 1, 2021. The 2021 Milwaukee Air & Water Show, scheduled for July 24-25 this year with the US Air Force Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron, “America’s Ambassadors in Blue,” will not be held, due to several major factors affecting the event. “It is unfortunate families in our community will not be able to enjoy the Milwaukee Air & Water Show again this year,” said Doug Gordon, President/CEO of WaterStone Bank. “But we look forward to getting together next year to watch the Blue Angels, and other performers, at the lakefront.” “This was a hard decision that impacts so many involved with the Milwaukee Air & Water Show, but it is the right decision during this unprecedented time”, said Milwaukee County Parks Executive Director Guy Smith. “We are eager to be a part of the show’s return in the future.” “Given all the factors affecting our ability to put on a quality event, there was no other choice,” Milwaukee Air & Water Show President Paul Rogers said. “We will come back stronger, safer and ready for the 2022 Milwaukee Air & Water Show, which is scheduled with the US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron, as well as many other world-class military and civilian air show performers,” he added.

The Milwaukee Air & Water Show, presented by WaterStone Bank, is unique in Milwaukee’s history and provides affordable, wholesome entertainment for the entire family. From its grassroots beginnings in 2002, the air & water show has grown into Wisconsin’s largest free event, providing a substantial economic impact to Milwaukee’s local economy. The Milwaukee Air & Water Show, proudly honors our armed forces and veterans, provides the community with a meaningful understanding and tribute to our nation’s armed forces and supports military veterans, provides Wisconsinites the value and commitment that our country’s armed forces provide to keep our residents safe.
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6 months ago

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This is a definite disappointment. Truly the highlight of our summers. An honor to watch, an honor for our veterans, a motivator for our youth to join the military to fight for our country. Sigh.

It is really a shame that not only is the Air Show cancelled, but that it is really due to politics and then COVID and the "safety of the people" is basically used as the excuse. I will remember this when it comes to voting for the next Parks Director... Guy Smith, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Soo you telling us being outside is not good enough and sports stadiums can have full capacity soon??? Wow

Elect pathetic officials to lead get pathetic results.

Wish I could be there! Always an awesome event!!

Love them see you next year they are the best

Bummer. See you next year!

Wish it could go on last past years

Want change call your politicians get active an open up your state otherwise this will continue to happen

Another reason to dislike Milwaukee government.

I bet Antifa could make it happen...

See y’all at the lacrosse air show hopefully

Horse Pucky!

Another example of how screwed up MKE is and failed leadership

This is a dying state as far as community events go. Next year it will be some other BS. GLAD I AM LEAVING. It seems to be a pick and choose agenda. Sorry for the people of this state.

Thank you for watching out for the health and safety of 1.4% of the public.

What major factors?

But I’m sure pride fest will still happen

Milwaukee Tourism = In the toilet

One more reason Milwaukee sucks

What a joke im done with Milwaukee

Because covid. 🙄

A month or two ago you said it was on 😡

I definitely think you owe it to the public to give a clear and transparent answer. If it’s a staffing issue then say so. If it’s a budget issue say so. But to leave it totally a secret given how many air shows have already been held this year and how many dozens more will happen, including EAA and LaCrosse, allows people to reasonably assume the worst about Milwaukee County.

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8 months ago

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Trying to make travel plans, is it on??

It's been a week and no answers to our asking questions. Love communication

Does this mean it's on?? 🥰

It has been canceled

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8 months ago
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