First Female Blue Angel will fly in Milwaukee Air & Water Show

Originally published by WISN.

MILWAUKEE — With exactly two months until the 2023 Milwaukee Air & Water Show, organizers are revealing new details about this year’s event, including a history-making performer.

“Well, we’re setting up the show site now and finalizing all the performers, of course, headlining are the Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration Squadron and the F-16 Viper demo team with a lot of other performers,” said Paul Rogers, President of the Milwaukee Air & Water Show. “It’ll be Navy Week in Milwaukee, so there’s going to be a big lineup.”

Every year at the Air Show, there is so much history on display thanks to antique aircraft. But this year will be especially history-making as the Blue Angels welcome their first female fighter pilot.

“That’s Lieutenant Amanda Lee flying left wing number three,” Rogers said. “She’s the first Blue Angels combat pilot. So that’s exciting. It’s going to be here first time in Milwaukee.”

Another inspiring female pilot performing this year is Susan Dacy flying her biplane “Big Red.”

“As a female pilot, what is it like to know that being at these shows could maybe inspire other young girls to get into the field?” asked WISN 12 News anchor Mallory Anderson.

“It is really fun to inspire all young people,” said Dacy. “I just would like to encourage any young girl that, obviously, aviation is a wonderful route and has great opportunities. For me, it’s been a very, very rewarding career and a wonderful lifestyle.”

This year’s Air Show takes place July 22 and 23 along McKinley Park and Bradford Beach.

The show is free, but tickets are on sale now for reserved seating. For more information, click here.

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