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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to attend the WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show?

The WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show is a free event for the general public to attend from Bradford Beach and parts of McKinley Beach. The Air & Water Show Reserved Seating areas are located at CenterPoint, and are the best areas to view the spectacular Air & Water Show, and are available for purchase online, and all weekend of the event. Tickets are on sale now.

Where are the reserved seating areas located?

Reserved seating areas are located along McKinley Park (Lincoln Memorial Drive) at Gate #2. Reserved CenterPoint, Flight-Line Club, and Sky-Chalet VIP seating are available for purchase. Please visit the Reserved Seating page of our website for more details. No coolers, large backpacks or carry-ins, alcoholic beverages/open containers, grills or open flames, fireworks or explosives are allowed in the seating areas. Small packs for baby milk or water is OK. WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE SUPPORT THE AIR AND WATER SHOW BY PURCHASING YOUR FOOD AND BEVERAGE FROM THE AIR SHOW CONCESSION AREAS! Please leave any unnecessary articles secured within your vehicle or at home to expedite your entry into the Reserved Seating areas.

Click here to view the seating map.

What is the reserved seating re-entry policy?

Wristbands to leave and re-enter the reserved seating areas are available at all gate areas. Re-entry wristbands will be valid for a single, same day re-entry until 4:00 pm. No re-entry wristbands will be issued after 4:00 pm.

Where can I buy reserved seating tickets?

All ticket packages are available via internet, U.S. mail, email, or phone. Tickets may be purchased online at https://www.etix.com/ticket/v/23657/milwaukee-air-water-show. All CenterPoint, Flight-Line Club, and Sky Chalet reserved tickets will be available during the weekend of the Air & Water Show, at the Air Show box office. The Air Show box office is located along the east side of Lincoln Memorial Drive, across from Villa Terrace, approximately 200 yards south of the Northpoint Custard Stand. Free, convenient 10-minute curbside parking is available in front of the box office.

What are the hours for the Air Show Box Office?

2022 Box office hours are TBD.

What happens if it rains, or cloudy, overcast, foggy, or stormy weather?

The WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show will go on rain or shine. Gates will open regardless of the weather. However, some acts may not perform if weather conditions do not meet the minimum safety standards or visibility requirements, including water / wave conditions on Lake Michigan. All aircraft appearing and scheduled performance times are subject to change due to various reasons beyond our control, including weather, below-minimum visibility, and mechanical difficulties. The safety of the Air & Water Show’s performers is of the utmost importance, and compromised visibility due to weather would compromise operational conditions. We appreciate your understanding.

Will there be food and beverages available at the Air & Water Show?

Yes. Along Lincoln Memorial Drive, at the show site. There will be many quality food and beverage vendors with a wide array of options at the event. In order to help support the Air & Water Show, the event organizers request that you leave all coolers, grills, food packages & backpacks at home, & purchase your food and beverages at the event.

Will there be Air Show merchandise available to purchase at the event?

Yes. Official WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show merchandise and all other items will be available on the event grounds at several locations along Lincoln Memorial Drive.

Where can I park?

The best reserved parking locations are in the Milwaukee County Parks grass lots, which are located between McKinley Marina from the north, south to Veteran’s Park at the Milwaukee Lakefront. Enter off Lagoon Road from Lincoln Memorial Drive, or drive north towards McKinley Marina to the County Parks grass lots. Additional parking locations include: O’Donnell Park, the west side of Lincoln Memorial Drive, in areas north of Bradford Beach at the Athletic Field near the Linwood Pumping Station on Lincoln Memorial Drive, and along various streets on the east side of Milwaukee. Milwaukee County Parks lots open at 7:30am each day of the Air & Water Show. The Air & Water Show is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of vehicle including articles left within at parking lots.

Is the WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show seating and parking handicap accessible?

Yes. Handicapped seating access will be available in the reserved seating areas, along Lincoln Memorial Drive and at Veteran’s Park. Handicapped parking is available along Lincoln Memorial Drive.

Where is the best place to watch the Air Show?

The event grounds are located along Lincoln Memorial Drive, at McKinley Park, between Bradford and McKinley Beaches. The “show center point,” which is the best viewing of the Air & Water Show, is located directly across from Villa Terrace, at McKinley Park, in the reserved seating sections.

What should I bring to the event?

Suggested items include sunscreen protection, hats, cameras, small collapsible chairs or beach towels. All items and persons are subject to search.

The following items are ALLOWED at the Air & Water Show (in the free seating areas only):

  • Umbrellas / large hats
  • Lawn chairs & blankets
  • Baby strollers
  • Small coolers
  • Cameras & small video recorders
  • Drawstring backpacks

The following items are NOT ALLOWED at the WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show:

  • Large Backpacks
  • Grills, tents, and large containers
  • Cans or glass bottles
  • Aerosol cans
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Firearms
  • Knives
  • Weapons or objects that could be used as weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Banners or flags on poles
  • Laser pointers
  • Wagons (except small baby wagons)
  • Kites or drones
  • Frisbees
  • Other carry-ins as determined by management

Can I bring my pet?

Yes. All pets must be kept on a leash, and are limited to the sidewalk areas along Lincoln Memorial Drive. Pets are NOT allowed in any of the Reserved Seating areas or the beach areas.

Are cameras and video recorders allowed?

Yes. Please be aware that all bags are subject to search.

When do boat restrictions start on the lake?

8 a.m. Follow the lead of the U.S. Coast Guard and the Police Marine Units with regard to the Air & Water Show safety zones, headings and directions.

Will I need money for anything else? Is there an ATM?

You’ll want to bring some money for food, beverages and event souvenirs. The WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show has an array of fantastic food vendors with an excellent view of the show. ATMs are provided onsite.

Is there a place for children to play?

No. There will not be a “Kidz Fun Zone” this year due to lack of availability.

What else is happening at the Air Show?

There is lots to do at the WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show! There will be many exhibits, sponsor displays, military recruiting areas and other special attractions at the show.

Can we watch the WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show from our boats?

Since the show’s performers are flown over Lake Michigan, this is a great spot to watch from a boat. However, the event organizers would prefer that you purchase a reserved seat and watch from the center point seating areas. Please keep your boat behind the safety area marked by the U.S. Coast Guard to safely enjoy the show.

Where can I stay overnight during the air and water show weekend?

There are many hotels in the downtown Milwaukee area, and many offer great summer packages. For a list of hotels, please visit www.visitmilwaukee.com. Camping is not allowed on the air and water show grounds or surrounding areas. There is NO RV parking on the lakefront, EXCEPT in the Milwaukee County Parks designated RV lot adjacent to the McKinley Marina. Enter off Lagoon Drive and Lincoln Memorial Drive and watch for RV parking signs.

Where can I look for something lost during the event?

Lost and Found articles are turned into and can be claimed at the Lost and Found area located at the Milwaukee County Sheriff command post, located in the Northpoint Lot, just south of Bradford Beach.

Where is the First Aid area if I get injured?

First Aid mobile services are provided by the Air & Water Show’s EMT providers, which are present on the event grounds at the lakefront.

Can I reserve an area for a private party for my company or organization?

The WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show features a number of private party areas available for you to host a corporate outing, reunion, party,or annual event. These Private Party Areas are available both days of the Air & Water Show. They include full party set-up, tent, tables/chairs, bar, access to restrooms, security, and a place to display your event sign or corporate banner. Admission tickets are also available at a discounted rate. Please visit our contact page to call us or email us a request.

How to Redeem Your Ticket

How do I redeem this ticket?
When you arrive at The WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show, have your printed ticket with you. You can exchange your printed tickets for a wristband at the air show gate, and may then enter the reserved seating area, wearing your wristband. Look for signs directing you to the proper line. The ticket will be scanned to verify the information so it cannot be used more than one time. You will then be given the appropriate wristband(s) that permit entry to the grounds.

Our Refund & Discount Policies

What is the WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show’s refund policy?
All Reserved admission tickets are non-refundable, similar to any ticket you might purchase for a baseball game, auto race, or concert. The Air & Water Show goes on rain or shine, there are no refunds, exchanges, chargebacks, or rain checks.

What if it rains, there is bad weather, and the daily air show is cancelled?
While the daily afternoon air show is a highlight of the WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show, the event encompasses much more than the air show each afternoon. The event features a 90-minute Water Show, Exhibits, Displays, and ample Food and Beverage Vendors, placed along Lincoln Memorial Drive to see. The WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show continues rain or shine. In case of severe weather that forces evacuation of the grounds prior to the air show, the WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show refund policy will apply. All Air & Water Show acts are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Air And Water Show staff, and is subject to adverse weather, any meteorological conditions that prevent safe flight, or any other “weather-permitting / controlling factors affecting air and water show acts and / or performances.  We appreciate your understanding.

I Forgot My Tickets?
Oh no! I’ve traveled all the way to Oshkosh and now I can’t find my tickets! What do I do?  Remember these tickets should be treated and guarded just as you would treat a ticket to a pro sporting event or a concert – that is, very carefully. If you have lost or did not receive your E-Tix ticket, please contact us and provide the name and email address you purchased the ticket under. We will work with you to get your ticket re-sent.  The new ticket will be available for printing as it was when you first purchased it. If you are unable to reprint your transaction prior to arrival, please provide your name, email address, and what type of ticket you purchased, our team may be able to locate your purchase manually. Tickets can be checked in from a smartphone or iPad. The WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show admissions volunteers can also assist with computer look-up on transactions. For any questions or issues with reserved tickets, DURING THE EVENT, please come to the Air Show Box Office, located at GATE 2, along Lincoln Memorial Drive.

Who is eligible for the Veteran / Active Military rates?
The Veteran and Active-Duty Military rate is intended for individuals who are on active duty or are veterans, retirees, or reservists of any branch of the U.S. military. We ask that those using this type of ticket be ready to present proof of military service at the gate when we exchange their ticket for a wristband. To qualify to pre-purchase tickets online at the Active-Duty Military rate, you MUST order tickets with your military email address OR provide proof of military service in an email to prog@milwaukeeairshow.com PRIOR to your purchase.

What constitutes “proof of military service”?
Sufficient proof of military service can be in the form any of the following: Certificate of Release or Discharge (DD Form 214 or its predecessors); Active Duty, Reserve, or Retired military ID (CAC, DD Form 2, DD Form 1173); valid membership card in any veteran’s association/group.

Our Privacy Information

What is your Privacy Policy?
Lately, there has been a lot of concern regarding privacy in e-commerce. We want to address your concerns and explain why we ask for certain information and how we use it. Certain basic information is required to process any credit card purchase: name, address, telephone number, credit card number, and the date of expiration on the card. Usually, the address you give must be the same as the one to which credit card bills are sent. This ensures YOUR security so that no unauthorized purchases are made and sent to third parties. In addition to this basic information, the Air & Water Show and E-Tix may request your e-mail address so that we may send you a confirmation of your purchase. This also helps to ensure your security and validate your identity. Remember, this e-mail provides your transaction ID and PIN! The WaterStone Bank Air and Water Show does not share, rent, or sell the personal contact information of its members, past members, or customers with any third party.

What is encryption, and should I care?
Yes, you should care. Encryption is the process by which data (in this case information about you) is jumbled beyond recognition by a computer program. It is not mathematically feasible for any one person to break the encryption algorithms we employ. Encryption allows for secure transmission of your data to the various processing centers (like the Credit Authorizers), as well as for protection and evidence (beyond repudiation) of your ticket.

What is a digital signature, and should I care?
We are going to be really brief here. A digital signature is simply a complex number the system generates that ties you to your ticket beyond “repudiation” (that’s an industry buzzword that means it mathematically authenticates your identity). The system generates a signature for every ticket. This digital signature is encrypted and encoded within the two-dimensional bar code on your ticket (the funny-looking square).   No, you really should not care. Much like the automatic transmission in your car, we really don’t want you to be a mechanic, just a good driver!